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Open Ai text generator

I have a problem, when I run my flow I get this error. Can someone help me pls?
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BuildShip AI Support
It looks like you're encountering an error with the OpenAI Text Generator node due to an invalid value for 'content'. This error typically occurs when the input provided is neither a string nor null. To resolve this issue, ensure that the input to the 'content' field of the OpenAI Text Generator node is a valid string or null. You can check the input by using the Expression Editor to verify that the data type is correct. For more detailed information on how to use the OpenAI Text Generator node, you can refer to the official BuildShip documentation: OpenAI Assistant Guide If you still face issues, please provide more details about the input you are using for the 'content' field.
AI Assistant Builder Guide – BuildShip
With BuildShip's AI Assistant Builder Integration, you can now leverage the powerful capabilities of AI Assistants without writing any code visually.
Gaurav Chadha
Gaurav Chadha4w ago
@minutv_ you can check the logs as well to see the input to debug the erro,r we have recently added a video on it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbRfiEeS3rk
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minutv_4w ago
okay I fixed thankyou