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George - Hi Everyone 👋⁉ Q: Is it possible to...

Hi Everyone 👋 ⁉ Q: Is it possible to create an automatic workflow where it retrieves data from a form (landing page) and through this data create a .pdf document (the content of this document will be automatically created by a systemprompt) that finally will be sent to an email....

RANDOMFROG - hey guys i wanna learn node js now...

hey guys i wanna learn node js now that i feel confident using react plz drop good tutorials that aren't from free code camp org

lacosta5349 - hey everyone i am really convince...

hey everyone i am really convinced i have same free time and i need to learn one skill i dont know if workflow automation is good idea !!

Harry - Now I am looking for a long-term partne...

Now I am looking for a long-term partner. I will send you regular 200 and 20% of my income from your upwork account monthly. I am a Full-Stack developer. if you don't try upwork as well, then it's also good for you as well. I will control it via Anydesk. I am a serious man. I will never let you down. I can grow your account. I already have a friend from the Argentina and he is happy with our partnership. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

JITTO JOYES - Can anyone tell me how to generat...

Can anyone tell me how to generate a jwt token from email and password. Basically the auth using buildship, I don't know which database to use and how to write the node

mamad - Hi @Gaurav Chadha i have a weird issue...

Hi @Gaurav Chadha i have a weird issue with one app in production , i have a workflow which should a row in supabase but it doesn't , i have no error in the log , everything is ok , i have tested the workflow and it's working ... i don't understand

Emmanuel - Hey, How can I pass the response fro...

Hey, How can I pass the response from an assistant node to another utility node when using email trigger? I do not see any data nor can I test the data? I am still new with buildship. pls advise thx
Normally, Workflow Testing would be the way to go, but that's not quite supported for email triggers just yet. Of course, you could manually trigger the workflow by sending an email to see the result for yourself. Apart from manually triggering the workflow normally, one thing you could do is this: Replace the email trigger with the "Rest API Call" trigger, which enables the "Workflow Testing" option for the workflow (you'll find the option on the top-right, next to the "Ship" and "Version history" buttons). But this would mean you'll need to change the variables you've used in your nodes (because of the new trigger), and then change them back when you reset your workflow back to normal. This could get tedious depending on how extensively the trigger variables are used. Testing each individual node is also an option. You may do so by clicking on the "Play" button at the top of the node, on the right....
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July - Hey, the google sheet add row doesnt see...

Hey, the google sheet add row doesnt seem to do anything, also i dont see it in the docs 👀
Hi @July, The Google Sheet Add Row node is working perfectly.

Holden - Is there a way to stream with the Assi...

Is there a way to stream with the Assistant node?

mohamed/lamhaden - hi dear friends, is there an...

hi dear friends, is there anyone who knows a bit or a lot about a no code tool and wants to learn it? i have a youtube channel where i teach people flutterflow, if you can teach any no code tools out there with me, then this will be awesome as you will open a door of opportunities and also you can monetize your video and make money from what you teach (the channel is one step close to join the youtube partner program)
Hi @mohamed/lamhaden, You can also signup to become BuildShip Expert to help people with BuildShip and no-code usecases. -

JSL - Is it possible for the Buildship team to ...

Is it possible for the Buildship team to stop a test workflow running in the background in loop and I can’t stop it?
@Shams sorry to bother you, but I have a workflow that I was testing which has pulled 6,000 Supabase rows into a loop which isn’t configured correctly so will use my api calls and Buildship resources incorrectly and will need to run it again. I have tried to refresh the page but that didn’t stop the workflow. Is there anything you can stop on your side?...

Turlutte - Anybody has a flow to transfert data...

Anybody has a flow to transfert data from a Buildship database to a Pinecone Vector DB? (embedding the concatenated value of each row)
Hi @Turlutte, You can simply start with the BuildShip database and Pinecone nodes and send the data variable received from the BuildShip database to Pinecone databse, example flow. You can create more pineconde nodes using generate with AI.

brazley - Does anyone use buidship with SwiftUI...

Does anyone use buidship with SwiftUI?
Hey @brazley - BuildShip APIs can be used in any UI framework and also for running decoupled backend workflows. So it should be useable in your app is in SwiftUI as well.
EMEl Mago4/8/2024

El Mago - When I use the same URL in a browser,...

When I use the same URL in a browser, i get an issue where it says "Workflow not found, make sure you have deployed it with the trigger method set to GET and path set to /generate_dream"
Hi @El Mago, what method is set on the trigger of your workflow? If it is set to anything other than GET or requires a body or any other data, it will fail on executing direcly on browser.
EMEl Mago4/8/2024

El Mago - Can someone help? When I test my api ...

Can someone help? When I test my api in buildship, I get success. I'm making a post call to ChatGPT and it comes back 200 success.

Ahmad - Hi BuilShip team/all, When setting up...

Hi BuildShip team/all, When setting up the Assistant node to read data from a BuildShip table, is there some form of indexing that needs to occur in the process? I'm finding that it only references the very first row in the table and doesn't seem to acknowledge all the other data in the table....

LeeSykes - Does anyone have an example of using...

Does anyone have an example of using the "On Fail" feature for a node with a custom flow? I have an openAi text generator, when it fails I want to use Anthropic. - or vice versa. At the moment I'm getting undefined being returned from the custom flow ...
Hi @LeeSykes, sent you the email for the fix. The new workflow should work fine. Pasting resolved the issue.

JSL - HiGetting this error on a workflow that...

Hi Getting this error on a workflow that I had setup with a cron trigger but I made some adjustments to the workflow and trying to ship the fixed version. Error:...
Hey @JSL, we updated the Cron Trigger to fix this issue a while ago. Is it possible it's an old version? Perhaps could you try deleting it and re-adding the newer version from the Trigger Library?

swipe - With BuildShip, I often run into the si...

With BuildShip, I often run into the situation where I want to use a branch and then have each branch return a variable to be used later when the branch completes. This doesn’t seem to be possible- am I missing something?

bruno - Hello, is there an incident on rowy? I ...

Hello, is there an incident on rowy? I am not able to do any build since today. My last one was done few week ago. And today I wanted to disable an extension only. I add a message on the #❓・rowy-help channel. Thanks !
Hi @bruno - have replied to your email now. May we recommend using BuildShip for extensions. I have shared resources and explanation on the email. Feel free to reply there directly.