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How am I able to get Return value back in Flutterflow Snack bar.

Hi all, somehow I'm not able to get the return value I generate in Buildship back into my Flutterflow Show Snack Bar action. Is there anywhere some documentation or example about this topic? Thank you.....

Open AI Assistant Image Upload

Hello I'm trying to configure the Open AI assistant to accept an Image URL- how would I go about that? My underlying model for the assistant accepts images(gpt-4o) and when I test the assistant in the Open AI playground and provide an image URL it works. Open AI ignores URL's directly in the message in the playground.
Hey @tlawrence, currently you would have to upload your files/images in the openai console when you're creating your assistant for the first time
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Help 😢

Hi guys can anyone please help, i don't understand why when I publish my project to the web i cant see any words or letters
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Cant update user value in Firestore

Hi, i want to update firestore field via node. Try 1 as a new value i pass data.user_id, but in console i see in the Input section: "_ref:[object Object]" ...
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nodes do not parse input values

In 4 out of 5 cases nodes do not parse input variables correctly. There is a lot of trying out, copying back and forth until suddenly it somehow works. However this is frustrating for me.
@Gaurav Chadha oh Yes! Thank you! You saved me 🙂
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More then 1 Record Insert

I have an Node the returns the response of an API that contains many "objects" and I want to insert each object as a row into my suppabase table. It looks like the suppbase create row node, just does one record at a time. What's the best way to insert "many" rows into my supabase table from an API call?

Amazon Polly API

Hello Buildshipers! I am trying to create a workflow that connects to Amazon Polly API. Is this possible? I am a total noob when it comes to buildship. If you have any tips or ideas i am totaly focused on your returns. Now, i am here:...
Hi @Hërzouz You can also generate a node with AI fir the Amazon Polly API -

Save chat history Buildship, FlutterFlow and Supabase

I've had a nightmare trying to save chat history. I've successfully implemented the new streaming feature with Flutterflow and Buildship and I've been able to add the variable for threadid. However, the headers output from buildship does not expose the response stream message, so that I can update a page state variable and correctly link it so it can be saved in supabase. I'm trying to save each entry (user and assistant) into supabase and without being able to update the page state variable wit...
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How to create a auth2 flow using Buildship

Hello everyone. I'd like to create an OAuth2 authentication flow using Buildship specifically for the LinkedIn Ads API. However, I'm unsure how to start. My goal is to initiate authentication, open a window for the user to log in to LinkedIn, retrieve the authorization code, and then exchange it for the access token required to call the API and fetch data. Has anyone done this before and could give me a tip?...


Hello there! New to Buildhip here 🙂 I saw that Is possible to get data from Framer which is awesome. . - My question is - Can Buildhip also return information back to framer for an interactive experience? Example Framer user says Hello > Buildship receive it, runs a flow (Airtable - OpenAI - Etc) and returns and answer to Framer saying "Hi" > User receives the " Hi " Answer in Framer Website?...

Buildship Meditation GPT

Hello. My name is Jason. I am trying to learn and use Buildship to Flutterflow to build a voice-first/chat assistant that combines various somatic wellness techniques to create routines to help be enhance their wellness. Coming from a background in web design and digital marketing, as well as having a certification in breathwork, I wanted to come up with something that would combine my many skills and interests. I have for the most part been enthusiastic about learning new skills and tools. I got as far as planning and developing the concept and UI in Flutterflow. I'm finally starting to get my head around how to build the front-end in Flutterflow and connecting it all together. Where I am struggling most is in Buildship. It took me a month, but I finally, after much persistence, figured out how to get how to get streaming chat to work. Now I am trying to tackle the next level in my Buildship learning... the Meditation GPT template....
Hi @Jason Samadhi, Sent you an email with cause of the issue and solution, you can reply all to the email for any further questions. Also, sharing the reply here - Regarding the error "FFmpeg exited with code 1" on the combine audio node, on taking a look at your modified workflow (iffvISDRGkXPfXo56kyk), you have switched the playHT node with OpenAI Text-to-Speech node, which is causing the issue here. Elaborating the issue and the solution below: Issue - The OpenAI Text to Speech node returns a base64 instead of URL whereas the combine audio node only accepts an array of URL as input in the audio file path....

Create user in users firestore collection

Hi all, I try to create a user in my firebase users collection. Using the 'create firebase user' node I'm able to create a user in Firebase authentication, which is also visible in my firebase authentication dashboard. As next step I use 'create document' node to create a document in my users collection. For this I would like to use the email address which I used to create the user I would like to use the uid which was generated after the create user action. Somehow I'm not able to create this document in users collection using these 2 items. Building in Flutterflow, using own firestore(not from buildship)...

Issue with "Update Output Schema" Functionality in Supabase "Get Row with Token" Node

I am using the Supabase "Get Row with Token" node. I have been testing the node and attempted to use the "Update Output Schema" feature, but it is not working. I have tried it multiple times, but the key fields in the "Output" of the node are not getting updated.
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Remove quotes

How can I remove quotations from Assistants API? Open until 17 December 2024, or until the budget is exhausted【4:5†source】【4:14†source】...
So I found the solution. Not the one suggested. I've opened the code of the node and then put JS code. cleanedText = text.replace(/【[^】]+】/g, '').replace(/*/g, '');...

Hello all!

I am wondering if there's a way to trigger a "create table" in Supabase? I know we can CRUD with rows but I am looking for creating a trigger to create a entire table with colums and rows .. is this at all possible?

Cannot find assistant module

Hello, I keep geting this error: Cannot find module '/usr/src/app/buildshipLibrary/@buildship/openai-assistant-node-stream-response/2.1.2/build.cjs' imported from /usr/src/app/runtime/dist/WorkflowExecution_v2/Executors/Script.js Tried other openai nodes, they don't work either...
Hi @Yelam1, deleting and adding the node should fix the issue, we are checking on why this happened.

Managing Dynamic Data Updates in Airtable Tables

I have a table with 10 columns in Airtable categorized by category. I have dynamic output data from one of my nodes, and I need to look up a specific value in one of these columns to determine if it already exists in my table. If the value exists, I want to update the corresponding row with the new data. If it doesn't exist, I want to add a new row and include all the output data from the previous node. How can I achieve this?
Hi @Jrocks, You can use the CRUD nodes for Airtable, here's a full documentation -

Using Firestore Collection Query Output in OpenAI Assistant Prompt

Hi - I'm trying to use the output from a Firestore Collection Query in the prompt of a subsequent OpenAI assistant node. Unfortunately, if I input the query's 'Document Data' object directly in the assistant prompt, the value returns undefined at runtime 😢 . (The query itself is succesful, I've validated that). I assume the Query output needs to be transformed somehow in order to be used in the assistant prompt, but I'm not sure how? I've tried the Parse and Stringify JSON nodes and neither worked. Does anyone have insight into what I have to do to the object in order to utilize? Thanks in advance!...

Can buildship see my custom nodes / workflows. ?

Before i put in considerable work to code an integration fro a very specific niche ive become expert in I would like to make sure that I will own it. Obviously if the team builds it without looking at my integration thats fine, i cant expect rights over it, but i want to make sure that i have privacy, and that one day you will not start looking at users most trafficed nodes and then will copy them into core.
Hi @jackreeves, you'll have the complete privacy and rights to your custom nodes, workflows and usecase you build on BuildShip. We won't publish any of your data, node logic you create, unless you want to share it with the community. The workflows you share via support requests are only accessible when you share it via the app and is only reviewed by the team to help you resolve your the issue you report with your project/workflow and all your logic, data are kept confidential. You can checkout more about our privacy policy -

chat support

How do I manage My Library of custom nodes, e.g. delete, update. I can't find anything in the docs.
@anywhichway You can refer to this video, you can edit and delete your custom My Lilbrary nodes as well. It will be be updated to the same version. The nodes will be require to be added on the canvas before editing.