Lucas3w ago

OpenAI Variables

Is it possible to make the Assistant ID in the OpenAI Assistant Node a variable? I've never seem an example where someone had that set up.
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Luis2w ago
hey @Lucas, do you mean as a way to store the Assistant ID in BuildShip so you can reference it in multiple workflows? If so then environment variables may be good option
Environment Variables – BuildShip
Environment variables in BuildShip are user-defined key-value pairs that can be accessed by workflow nodes.
BuildShip AI Support
It seems you have a question regarding storing the Assistant ID in BuildShip for use across multiple workflows. Indeed, using environment variables is a good option for this purpose. For more detailed information, you can refer to the Environment Variables documentation. This will guide you on how to set up and use environment variables within BuildShip. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!
Lucas2w ago
@Luis Thanks! I figured it out! I was actually trying to dynamically change the Assistant ID in the node based on the user making the request. BUT, what you shared is interesting for future use cases. Thanks again!