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Using WhatsApp in FlutterFlow how to know if the receiver received the message #buildship-help

Using WhatsApp in FlutterFlow how to know if the receiver received the message that was sent through the app? Some might see the message but ignore to action that would be considered opened but in case the user never receive the message this should be trigger for me as an owner. Example if I want to make a campaign by sending Whatsapp messages, I want to know how many people receive the notification that I sent from the app and how many missed. Of course, some users who responded back their replies need to captured. Please advise how to implement this in FlutterFlow
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BuildShip AI Support
To track if a WhatsApp message sent through your app in FlutterFlow has been received, you can use the WhatsApp Business API along with BuildShip's WhatsApp Bot trigger. Here's a general approach to achieve this: 1. Set Up WhatsApp Business API: Ensure you have a WhatsApp Business Account set up and connected to the WhatsApp Business API. 2. Configure Webhooks: Use BuildShip to set up webhooks for receiving delivery and read receipts from WhatsApp. This will notify you when a message has been delivered or read. 3. Track Message Status: Implement workflow logic in BuildShip to capture and log the status of each message sent. You can use this data to track how many messages were delivered, read, or missed. 4. Capture Replies: Set up a trigger in BuildShip to capture replies from users and log these responses. For detailed steps on setting up a WhatsApp Bot in BuildShip, refer to the WhatsApp Bot documentation. If you encounter any specific issues or need further assistance, please submit your query via the in-app support button.