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Hello, how do I use npm packages in buildship, how do I install them? For example, I need to use Pu

Hello, how do I use npm packages in buildship, how do I install them? For example, I need to use Puppertier
Hi @jamelo#2709 To import any node library to BuildShip, Make sure to always import any packages using Named import declaration. Example: import module from "module-name"; & import Crypto from 'crypto'; The best way is to generate using AI

Updating target firestore doc with timestamp from another table

I receive a firestore timestamp field in a changed row - I am trying to write that value out (as is) to a different firestore document using the Firestore Create Document node. The inboundDateTime that I am received is in this format (which I believe is Firestore timestamp... and can't work out how to parse and use to update target document! ```"createdDateTime":{...

Get more than 100 records from Airtable

Hi there, I get data from Airtable API, but it only allow me to get maximum 100 records at a time, if I want get more than 100 records, I will need to make multiple requests, one per page. But I don't know how can I do it on Buildship, anybody there can help me? ...
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Customizing the OPENAI Assistant - Close Button

I would like to introduce a close button to the OpenAI assistant and I know that I need to edit the html file provided by the developer in GitHub. I am using Wordpress and I have included the following code on my site's header: </script> <script src="^1" defer></script> <script>...

query a firebase subcollection

How do I query a subcollection for documents? I inserted to "Collection Name" : /listings/wJ0GuUW3AjzKq5P7VQg3/productQuestions I get error: Value for argument "fieldPath" is not a valid field path. Paths can't be empty and must not contain...


Hi, I am really struggling to get even the simple URL to PDF node to edit the content and remove hyperlinks before creating the PDF and no amount of AI can help me. Is there anyone with any ideas on how this can be done?...
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Buildship + Firebase authentication and Email validation

Hi, Does any one have an idea to integrate buildship with firebase database to create the user, validate it via email and login the user using the buildship trigger?

Upload file to supabase

Hi, I am using the html to pdf node and would like to upload the pdf file to Supabase storage immediately it's created. Please how do I do that?
Hey @PLX Team. I'm sharing a remix link here for a workflow that does this. You just need to fill in the api keys:

Gen AI Question: Does BuildShip do anything special to handle complex docs like PDFs for AI?

I see BuildShip has templates to build LLM powered QA bots with private data (basically RAG). Wondering how the platform handles complex docs that typically cause downstream hallucination?

AI Assistant on Supabase

when testing an example from on test I've got: 400 The requested model 'gpt-4o' cannot be used with the Assistants API in v1. Follow the migration guide to upgrade to v2: Is there something that I can do to continue with tests?...

❗Sudden outage/error in the 'Get Firestore Document' Node?

Until about an hour ago my Workflow worked perfectly. Suddenly I am getting messages from my users about the app no longer working. I've got loads of errors I cannot explain. @Gaurav Chadha and Buildship team is it something you are aware of?...
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Get path/ref from field value?!?

I am trying to update a firestore document based on a path from a reference field in another table and getting errors. e.g. Table1 has a ref field 'parent' ("parent/12314123123231") - I want to pass that into the [Firestore Update Document] node to update the associated document (path) in Table2 ("parent/12314123123231"). Tried variations like this (with + without the "ref" element)... but getting errors?!? ...see attached....
@Ryan A, can you give this workflow a try. As a temporary workaround I added a utility node at the top of your workflow for extracting document references from the Rowy row. However, I'm not too sure what you're trying to update in the "Update Document" node, so that may still be off.
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Using WhatsApp in FlutterFlow how to know if the receiver received the message #buildship-help

Using WhatsApp in FlutterFlow how to know if the receiver received the message that was sent through the app? Some might see the message but ignore to action that would be considered opened but in case the user never receive the message this should be trigger for me as an owner. Example if I want to make a campaign by sending Whatsapp messages, I want to know how many people receive the notification that I sent from the app and how many missed. Of course, some users who responded back their repl...

Massively inserting rows in the build-in Buildship Firestore database

Hello! Is there a way to massively add new rows into the built-in Buildship Firestore database?? Without having to insert the rows one by one??? @Gaurav Chadha
Hi @adrfinance, you can pass the data dynamically using variables, instead of hardcoding the data, example query from your firestore collection and create document using BuildShip Create Document node pass the data received to BuildShip Table Create Doc node.

Openai assistant don't work

Hi plase can someone help me making the assistant work? i've try so many times but it says that the assistant doesnt exist or the response is null. please help love you

Database Query

I have tried to perform Buidlship Database Query with 3 AND contition values. and I got an error: FAILED_PRECONDITION: The query requires an index. You can create it here: It seems that max 2 conditions are allowed. Is that correct?...

OpenAI Variables

Is it possible to make the Assistant ID in the OpenAI Assistant Node a variable? I've never seem an example where someone had that set up.

Get Product Details From Barcode node is not working

I am trying to make an api call to openfoodfacts but I can’t get the barcode value from the query object. The API is working fine when I pass the barcode value directly in the test node, but it is returning null when I test the entire the workflow. Could you please analyze the prints I sent?...
I found a solution by myself. I missed to include Query.barcode in the get product details node 😃
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inference speed on Groq using Llama 3 70B through Buildship

The inference speed on Groq using Llama 3 70B through Buildship seems to vary dramatically. At times I get 9 and 10 second delays that I do not get when interacting with Groq directly. It has the feel of cold starting somewhere, but I am on the Pro plan where pricing page says no cold starts. This may be true of other inference engines, I do not know.

Minified React error #31

I was testing some node and after each test I received: Minified React error #31; visit[]=object%20with%20keys%20%7BnodeId%2C%20nodeName%2C%20stage%2C%20errorObject%7D for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings. Atrer refresh it is possible to test again....
"export function" was missing