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Building a No-Code Web3 Application in 5 Hours Using BuildShip, FlutterFlow and OPENFORMAT

Hey, Im Dan 👋 Im working at OPENFORMAT: I recently built a fitness app which, powered by BuildShip and OPENFORMAT, has a reward system and several advanced features... ...
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Generate a Flutterflow Project in under 3 minutes - with Buildship and Rowy

⚠️ APOLOGIES TO THOSE THAT GOT STUCK 😔 Many more people have been using the generator that I expected (Thank you 💚 ) and so it maxed out usage limits on the backend - I've upgraded the plan so it should (hopefully) work now! 😄 Why we build it I genuinely believer there area million people out there in the world with amazing ideas, but as they have never even considered doing anything related to apps or software development they often struggle to even know where to start....
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How Giftit reimagines gift-giving with Rowy + Buildship

Hey 👋 I'm one of the cofounders of Giftit: 🎁 We're building a gifting experience we guarantee you've never tried, using LLM tech and a GCP backend superpowered by Rowy and Buildship. We use Rowy to easily navigate and understand our data and Buildship to prototype backend functionality to deploy instantly. The first version of Sherlock was built completely on a beta version of Buildship!...
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